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88 clans control Mexicos Congress

posted May 6, 2015, 10:16 AM by Hernan Cortes   [ updated May 6, 2015, 10:17 AM ]
88 families have held control over 455 federal legislative positions during the last 81 years - See more at:
Nepotism in Mexican congress. Are you surprised? 88 families have held control over 455 federal legislative positions during the last 81 years, a period in which when reelection to the legislature has been prohibited, according to an investigation by El Universal news outlet. Of these dynasties, 53 have been present for between nine and 18 years; and 35 between 21 and 57 years, according to an research by El Universal.

A group of 230 legislators that belong to the "castes" that have controlled Mexico's Congress since 1934 have survived to reforms and switched parties to remain in power. Many parliamentarians are candidates in the current electoral process, while others have their clan's seat secured through proportional representation.

Their political heritage lies in their lineage and surname, that open the doors of Congress and political power in general: Rojo-Lugo, Batres, Vicencio, Sansores, Monreal, Alcaine, Manatou, Martínez, Ortega, Padierna.

The biggest "brand" is the Vicencio family, from Xonacatlán de Vicencio, State of Mexico, a town that owes its establishment to Celso Vicencio, local congressman in 1870, the first legislator of the family.

It would be very interesting to do such an research in Baja Sur state government and the municipio of La Paz and Cabo San Lucas...... Somehow I got the feeling that the results will be very similar. The power is within a few names/clans, excessive nepotism and enrichment by connection at the cost of the general population. What else is new....

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