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Covid-19 statement BCS governor

posted Apr 2, 2020, 4:54 PM by La Paz News
BCS governors statement
Translation of video-transcript of the message of Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis to the people of Baja California Sur, given 31. March 2020 at 21:00hr about measures regarding the state of emergency that was declared by the Federal Government on 30. March 2020
Find below the post how we obtained the transcript and how it has been translated.

People of BCS, this is a very important announcement. I will make public various measures to face the pandemic and overcome the situation. We are in a decisive moment in the history of BCS. Our immediate future will be written by all of us in the following weeks; and each and every one of us have a responsibility that we must meet.

The federal authorities have declared a national sanitary emergency due to pandemic caused by the presence of the COVID-19 virus. The immediate suspension of non-essential activities in the public, private and social sectors has been instructed. This suspension will remain in effect until April 30.

Also, there are a series of mandatory actions to be observed by all citizens and residents of Mexico. The sanitary authorities strongly urge everyone to stay home. To stay home means to avoid contagion, to stop making other people sick and, perhaps, to live. It is time to stop worrying about the calamity and start working for a solution.

Unfortunately, the number of confirmed cases has increased. Let me be very clear; if we don't act today, hospitals, medical personnel and equipment might be insufficient based on the potential number of patients. In our state, we have registered 18 confirmed cases, and another 12 are being evaluated. Unfortunately, today the first 2 deaths took place, both in the city of La Paz. My condolences to their friends and family.

Find more info at the official government of BCS website

It is a time for solidarity and responsibility. We must redouble our efforts. The following days will be decisive because we will define how big is the challenge that we will face in the next following weeks. For these reasons, and with the authority granted to me to my administration, and to all state governments in Mexico, by the National Health council, I have issued an agreement that considers a series of economic and social actions that must be observed by all citizens and residents of all five municipalities in BCS.

I repeat, these measures are mandatory from the moment of their publication in the Official Government Journal for the state of BCS.

All public events are suspended until further notice. This includes sporting, recreational, social, political, cultural, academic, private and public events and all those that imply the gathering of people, regardless of the size of the event or the space where they were intended to take place.

This measure also applies to temples and churches, as well as to any space or center of a similar nature, to establishments like movies, theaters, art galleries, gyms, casinos, bars, night clubs and event venues, beaches, parks, beauty salons and cosmetology clinics, massages and spas will all remain closed until further notice.

The operation of restaurants or food preparation establishments will be allowed only for delivery and takeout services, and under no circumstances will patrons be allowed to eat in.

In order to guarantee ease of access to the supplies needed for daily life and to keep the economy moving; department stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, markets, businesses that sell food and other supplies, as well as hospitals, pharmacies, centers for the treatment of addictions, daycare's, stores, public and cargo transportation companies, gas stations, drinking water services, mail, freight and courier services; as well as shelters for migrant workers or homeless people, banking and telecommunications services; as well as press and media companies will continue to operate, observing all sanitary and labor precautions.

Let me point out that companies that produce food will be able to operate as long as there are heightened sanitary filters as well as labor guidelines according to the recommendations of the sanitary authorities.

The general population shall stay home, always following the basic prevention measures issued by the sanitary authorities. Only one person per household may leave to purchase food and other supplies. I repeat only one person per household may leave the house at a time.

Panic purchases shall be avoided at all times; each commercial establishment shall implement the required measures to control the number of products available for purchase per customer.

Only in those cases when somebody is in need of medical assistance or has a doctor’s appointment may they leave their home accompanied by another person or relative. Senior citizens shall remain home in a special area maintaining a safe, clean and isolated environment to avoid any possibility for contagion.

We are facing a national emergency and we must act with civility and responsibility. Those of us who have to leave our homes; must do so following all precautionary sanitary measures. It is recommended to shower and change clothes as soon as we return home. Once in our homes let's all keep our distance, refraining from hugging each other and observing the recommended sanitary measures, the time will come when we can hug again.

Anyone presenting COVID-19 symptoms, which are flu-like symptoms and are well known by all, regardless of their insurance carrier, shall remain home and report his or her symptoms to the sanitary authorities by calling 800-BCS-COVID (800-227-26843) for medical attention. It is very important to refrain from going to medical units, instead qualified and equipped doctors and nurses will make home visits if needed. Also, anyone with a confirmed case with a positive diagnosis, must maintain home quarantine or where indicated by the health authorities.

This is not a game; it is a moral and even legal obligation. The person or persons who do not comply with this provision will be sanctioned for the possible commission of the crime of contagion endangerment, provided for in article 168 of the State Penal Code. Of course, the objective is not to sanction, but to convince everyone of the importance of following these provisions for the benefit of all. Baja California Sur needs and, I am sure, counts on us. Likewise, establishments that violate the provisions of this agreement will be creditors to temporary closure, fines, and other sanctions provided by law.

On the other hand, I inform you that starting today, as a measure to improve the attention provided to the members of our community, we make available to everyone a new web application that will help us to be more efficient in diagnosing COVID-19. In it, anyone who presents the COVID-19 symptoms will be able to fill out a simple form from their phone or computer, which will be sent to our medical team, it will be assigned a Folio and you will shortly be contacted by a doctor by videoconference or conventional phone call and, if necessary, they will go to your home to apply the COVID-19 test. To access this new diagnostic tool simply visit CORONAVIRUS.BCS.GOB.MX where you will find access to the application and you will be able to use it.

In the case of the state public administration, its various dependencies will arrange what is necessary to guarantee the operation of the areas needed to attend any contingency and also, to keep operating the essential public services with sufficiency and opportunity for the duration of this contingency. With staff members over 60 years of age, pregnant or nursing women, people with non-controlled chronic diseases, or autoimmune and other high-risk groups, remaining at home, as well as those who can provide their services from home. In this sense, I have instructed the municipal authorities, the Ministry of Health, the state commission for protection against health risks, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Attorney General's Office to ensure compliance with each and every one of the actions included in this agreement; which by the way, is available, for public viewing on the page of the State Government’s Official Gazette.

People of BCS these are difficult times, our success will depend on the success of our actions. If these measures are not sufficient, they could be modified according to our needs, circumstances, or also by the national agreements issued by the National General Health Council. My legal and moral obligation is to ensure the health of each inhabitant of this wonderful state. As your governor, I will continue to make the decisions that are required and to work tirelessly to guarantee the well-being of all, but this is a challenge that the Government can certainly not overcome alone; it requires that each and every one of us generously contribute what we must. With a contagion capacity like that of this virus, each of us is either part of the solution or propagator of the problem. Let's do our part. We each have a task to fulfill. We must quickly overcome the accelerated contagion rate with which the pandemic stalks us. This has already happened in other places, let us not allow it to happen to us too.

I am certain that with these measures and the responsibility and solidarity of all members of our society, we will return to normality. Our children will return to their schools, our youth to practice sports, our older adults will continue to be safe with us. Saving lives is possible with all of us. Protecting ourselves is possible and it is also our duty. What is the most precious thing we have? health, life. Our own life, that of our loved ones, that of others, depends on us staying home and following these simple instructions.

What we do and how much we stop doing, for better or for worse, will make a difference. The answer is in the responsibility and solidarity of all, here and now. Thank you very much for your Attention


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