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La Paz Whale Tails

posted Apr 23, 2013, 8:12 AM by Hernan Cortes   [ updated Apr 23, 2013, 8:21 AM ]
Humpback Whale rescued in La Paz Bay during low-tide
Humpback Whale in Bay of La Paz a short distance of Playa El Coromuel (the water-park style recreational area with the water-slides between the La Paz city border and the La Concha hotel) in distress Sunday morning.
One of our contributors observed past Sunday morning around 9:15 hr the beginning of a whale rescue very near the El Coromuel beach (100 - 150 meters out). A, probably juvenile, Humpback whale was having problems swimming and got semi-stuck during the low-tide a few meter of the channel used by marine traffic to enter/exit the La Paz bay.
The animal was breathing very heavy which could be clear heard at the beach.
There was a stand-up paddler going out from the playa checking on the animal and several boats whit onlookers arrived at the scene a short while later. Check the video for the first few minutes our contributor was at the scene.
According to local media had several Mexican agencies (SOMEMMA, PRIMMA and Profepa) and their professionals involvement to free the animal.
With the assistance of larger vessels the whale got towed into deeper waters where he could move on swimming unrestricted.
The whole operation lasted about 2 hours and spectators cheered to the succesful ending of the event!
A happy ending in this whale tale for the guy with the big tail!!


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